18 Oct 15 – a couple of animation tests

I’ve been working on a personal project over the last few weeks (Suzanne competition 2016 perhaps?). One of the major characters is a mug. In the last month I have rebuilt it and started rigging it again. To test the rigging I’ve done a couple of little animations…


Hurdling the default cube…

Hope you enjoy them and will keep posting updates as the project progresses 😉

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5 Sep 15 – Review of Matalogue addon

Greg Zaal has created a great little add-on called Matalogue.

Matalogue lives in the Trees tab of the Compositor toolbar and shows you nodetrees for Cycles materials, lights (including the world) and the compositor. It is really handy when working on the materials and lighting of your scene to allows you to quickly change which nodetree that you are working on.

This quick three minute review shows how it works and what it doesn’t do (yet).

Installation details and file download is available from the Greg’s Adaptive Samples site from the Matalogue page.

Quick tip: when using the node editor the Home key zooms the view to show the entire node tree.

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29 May 2015 – Presentation at May MBS meeting

If you missed the May Melbourne Blender Society meeting we broadcasted it via Google Hangouts on Air. Lots of good stuff on Bezier curves; animation and building your own HDRI!

Link to the broadcast: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cqtdl2jgdqobfb45a7tfp6ucfus

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19 Apr 15 – Making of Campaign Coins – part #1

Recently a friend who runs the Campaign Coins who make beautiful metal coins for tabletop and RPG games asked me to update their logo for a new Kickstarter camapign.

You can see the final video on the Campaign Coins Kickstarter.

This is part one of the making of which covers how I set up the Rigid Body Dynamics. Part two will cover the camera and the coin material. Part three will cover how the 2D and 3D elements were brought together in the Video Sequencer.

Also, if you want to see the making of the previous Campaign Coins logo see my World Blender Day 2014 presentation.

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19 Mar 15 – Presenting at Melbourne Blender Society next week

I’ll be presenting how I made the Campaign Coins kickstarter promo at the Melbourne Blender Society on Thursday 26 March 2015.

You find all the details here: https://melbourneblender.wordpress.com/2015/03/19/melbourne-blender-society-march-26th-brendon-murphy-on-converting-materials-to-cycles/

See you there!

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24 Feb 15 – Pausefest Bubzilla animation

Pausefest is a week long digital festival in Melbourne, Australia. On the last day there was a Start-up Expo, and I had a stand for Blender. When it was quiet I started doing some animation with Bubzilla to get people to come over and ask what I was doing…

On the day I pretty much blocked out the concept and started splining. In my spare time since I’ve finished the splining, render setup, compositing, etc… could do with review and a lot of polish but other projects await!


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