Here are some tips and tricks to help you use Blender more efficently and learn something new.

26 Mar 14 – Using the preview range feature

At the Blender Conference last year I saw Hjalti Hjalmarsson doing his talk on animating for Caminandes 2. To check his animation he was hitting Alt-A then ESC over and over again to preview his animation. Surely there must be a better way? There is! Use the preview range feature. In this quick five minute tutorial I’ll explain how to: Which editors support the preview range feature How to turn the preview range on and off; Explain how the auto range feature does not really work; and Show how to use the Preview Range feature with OpenGL...

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20 Feb 14 – Timeline and Timecode displays

In the last tutorial I mentioned how I normally use frame display in the video editor, but not anymore! Find out about custom timecode formats and a change coming in Blender 2.70. In this quick ten minute tutorial I’ll explain how to: change the format of the timecode displayed in frame based editors to SMPTE (timeline, dope sheet, graph editor and VSE); how to turn the frame indicator timecode on and off; explain a quirk with the VSE that will be fixed in Blender 2.7; and how to use the timecode with the stamp feature. If you want to learn more about SMPTE check out...

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5 Feb 14 – Customising your start up to save time

This quick five minute tutorial shows you how to get rid of the splash screen and how to save your startup file so you can customise just about any user interface property, including setting the properties editor to the best width for your screen resolution.

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9 Jan 14 – Saving time in Blender by using nodetrees

If you have watched a few tutorials you will have seen the same vignette effect (darkening the corners of an image to focus the viewers attention) being being built many, many times. But no more! Build a compositing or material network once and reuse them in future as Blender allows you to save node groups and link or append them into other blend...

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