Why Blender Training?

Blender Training provides training and coaching for all levels from beginner to advanced. Blender Training is also available to consult on Blender projects from the initial design through to troubleshooting later stages.

By using Blender Training you will:

  • Build a holistic knowledge of Blender which will improve your creativity and problem solving ability;
  • Save time by having a expert at your side;
  • Receive training tailored specifically to your needs and experience level; and
  • Be able to reinforce the knowledge and skills from each session with support materials provided.

Blender Training supports a number of different delivery methods such as one-on-one; group or remote over the Internet;

Blender Training is based in Melbourne, Australia but can provide remote training via Internet. At this time Blender Training only provides its services in English.

Currently, due to work commitments, training can be provided on evenings and on weekends, based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Contact us today for any training or project problems you may have!

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