got·cha noun \ˈgä-chə\
An unexpected problem or unpleasant surprise

The Book of Blender Gotchas is now available! This book features over 100 solutions to some of the most common and frustrating problems (“gotchas”) experienced by Blender users.

Blender Training - The Book of Blender GotchasBlender is very powerful and flexible 3D design and animation software which can help make your dreams a reality be it film animation; architectural visualization, games or 3D printing.

However, with power and flexibility comes complexity. Blank renders, objects disappearing, strange deformation of meshes are just some of the examples covered.

For inexperienced users resolving complex problems can take hours if not days.This book is useful for everyone as even experienced users can make a mistake and not understand why their scene is broken.

“It’s a great book, nicely organized into topics, problems, solutions. I just wish I had this two years ago when I started using 2.5x :)” – Jimmy Gunawan, Blendersushi

If this book saves you just an hour of frustration searching Blender, the Blender Wikis or asking questions on Blender forums then it will be worth it!

Download a sample of the solutions



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